HIV & Hep C Testing

The AIDS Project provides free and anonymous HIV and Hep C testing and counseling in a safe atmosphere.

We offer two types of HIV testing:

A swab is taken of the inside of your mouth and sent to a lab for testing.
Results are usually available in one to two weeks from the date of testing.

Rapid HIV testing. We offer either a finger stick blood sample or an oral swab for tests. Both tests give results in just 20 minutes.
Like OraSure, this antibody test is very accurate. However, additional testing must be done to confirm a preliminary positive test result.

Both tests are safe and effective. To schedule a test call Sue at 802 254-4444.

Should I be tested for HIV?
If you are wondering if you should get tested, or what to expect when you come for testing, please visit:

Where else can I be tested for HIV?
If you would like to know where to be tested for HIV in other areas please visit:

Where can I get more information about HIV testing in Vermont?
For a one-stop resource of HIV testing locations in Vermont, please visit:


Hepatitis C testHep C test:  The Oraquick Hepatitis C Rapid Antibody Test looks for antibodies to the Hep C virus.  Most people will develop the antibodies in 12 weeks (3 months).  Antibodies are chemicals released into the bloodstream when someone gets infected.  This test collects and processes a sample of blood with a simple fingerstick, with results in just 20 minutes. A reactive rapid Hep C test should be followed by other tests from a healthcare provider to confirm active Hep C infection.

To reserve your HIV and/or Hep C testing time call Sue at 802 254-4444.

Who should get tested for Hep C?
Visit to see if you are at risk for Hep C infection.